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Monday Morning Bootcamps

January 21 | 9:00am - 11:30am | Salons 1-4

(Light breakfast & coffee served at 8:00am)

This is your opportunity to learn from our industry thought-leaders in a small workshop setting. Come prepared to engage with them and move your business and/or career to the next level.

Seating is limited. Registration for GO WEST 2019 is not required to enroll in our Bootcamps. Registration fees are non-refundable.

Registration Fees

  • Regular Rate: $49

  • Association Member Rate: $29* (No longer available)

Bootcamp #1

Brandt Krueger, Event Technology Consulting

From rookies to experienced planners, comparing AV bids can make your eyes hurt. It’s time for a little straight talk and AV 101 to help cut through the jargon, and potentially save you thousands of dollars. This attendee-driven “town hall” style session for planners will help you know what you're getting into- before you sign on the dotted line. 

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Alex Plaxen, Little Bird Told Media

These days people look to social media platforms like Twitter as a quick source for information. As an event planner, you are often responsible for making sure that everyone at your event is informed. So what do you do when things go amiss? What is your communication plan for dealing with a crisis? And what is a crisis? It could be a bomb scare or it could simply be running out of coffee. The important thing is how and when to communicate your message. Join Alex Plaxen, recipient of MPI’s 2018 Rise Award, up front and personal in this candid 2.5 hour session as he unpacks how & what you need to create a crisis communication plan for events.

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Bootcamp #3

SUPER MARKETING SWEEP: Converting Browsers Into Buyers
Will Curran, Endless Events

The race is on to turn those social media clicks and blog posts into customers, but how? You've heard of inbound marketing but you have no idea if your budget can afford it. Don't worry because we're here to help you win big! Learn tactical tips from Will Curran, who grew his tiny AV company into the national AV company & event industry empire, Endless Events that closes millions of dollars in business, all from his laptop from around the world.

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Bootcamp #4

THE EVENT PLANATHON: Better Brainstorming to Invent a Bright Future
David Adler, BizBash

Participate in BizBash’s branded “Planathons.” Think if it as hackathon for event organizers. Each team will get an event theme that they have to re-create and 90 minutes to plan the entire event. Your table becomes the team and each one will have a mentor to guide and facilitate. The last 30 minutes are videotaped pitches that will memorialize the idea and allow them to be shared on YouTube. Check out The Plan-A-Thon Los Angeles.

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